When we were asked to complete an extensive floor space at the new Tweed City Shopping Centre in 2016, we were thrilled! The area consisted of 2000m2 of pathways, entry ways and all external common areas which was completed over a 1 month timeframe. We were asked to provide some options to the principal contractor, Broad Constructions, that would be durable, nonslip and low maintenance but still with that polished concrete look.

When it comes to external areas, the system we recommend is honed concrete – this involves grinding down into the concrete to expose as little or as much of the aggregate/stones in the concrete as what the client wants to see, and then applying a penetrating sealer which absorbs into the concrete and helps to repel liquids. Since Tweed City were keeping a decorative theme, they opted for a full stone exposure look using a wet look sealer.

Fortis Wet Look sealer is a solvent based penetrating sealer which is often used for both residential and commercial jobs. The sealer makes the aggregate and matrix appear darker or “wet” as the title suggests. The non-slip qualities of honed concrete are created by the scratch pattern left in the surface from the grinder – this process most commonly meets a P3 slip rating, however there are ways we can alter the system so it can reach a P4 when required.

Overall, we were really pleased with the finished result, as were the clients. Next time you find yourself in Northern NSW, go and check out these floors – we’re sure you’ll be wanting to do your patio or alfresco area by the time you leave!