Natural Finish

This finish is for those who desire a rustic, untouched look which is very popular at the moment.  Achieved in a number of ways – contact us for more information.

Concrete Flooring With a Natural Finish


One of the most popular looks we are asked to achieve at the moment is a natural finish look. This can be achieved in a number of ways – it will depend on the concrete you have in place.

If you are having new concrete poured, you can ask for a nil-minimal stone exposure Grind & Seal (G&S) or Mechanically Polished Concrete (MPC) in a matte finish. These processes involve doing the least amount of grinding possible so that there is little to no stone showing through the surface. With this process, you will need to keep in mind that this process is the most difficult for us to achieve because it is entirely reliant on the concreter pouring a perfect slab. Please ask our friendly staff for a copy of our new-slab information specifications for pouring a nil exposure slab.

Click here to read more about the nil-minimal exposure polished concrete

If you have an existing slab in place, this natural look can be achieved by doing a feather finish floor. A feather finish is a cementitious product that is trowelled down over top your existing concrete surface to create a natural, rustic sort of look. This finish will cover up the existing surface completely so any damage or staining in the floors will no longer be visible, and you’ll be left with a continuous look throughout your space, while adding a bit of character.

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If you have an existing slab in place but do not like the look of the feather finish floor, you can ask for a minimum/random stone exposure G&S or MPC in a matte finish, however, keep in mind that this process does do a heavier level grinding than the nil-minimal exposure so more exposure of the stones will occur. This finish and look is extremely popular and is the lowest priced finish.

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All of these options have different advantages and limitations and have different prices so it is best to chat with one of the friendly OzGrind team to work out which of these polished concrete options will best suit your budget and style. You can view some examples of our work below.



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