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Brendan – Operations Manager


Brendan started out in the industry in 2008. He got into the field originally as he wanted polished concrete floors for the house he was building. He loved it so much that he decided to learn how to do it for himself. He began working for one of the largest polished concrete companies in Australia and managed to pick up the trade much faster than most. He started his own company in 2011 and now this face of the most professional company in our industry. Today he manages a small team of 16 people who are all passionate about concrete polishing and who love providing high quality flooring to the industry. Brendan is well known in the industry for his professionalism, honesty and dedication to OzGrind.

Veronica – General Manager


Veronica is Brendan’s wife – she lets Brendan ‘think’ that he is the boss, but really everyone knows she is the one who runs the company. Veronica came from a medical imaging background and transitioned into the concrete polishing industry in 2012. With a strong sense of business she helped navigate OzGrind into the incredible position it is today. She helped to create the much talked about showroom which is one of the best in Australia, and developed the revolutionary virtual reality software which has taken the company to a level unrivalled by any other competitor. She has been an innovator of the industry and has helped lift the professionalism and standards of the concrete polishing industry to the highest level yet.

Leah Robbertsen – Office Manager


Soon after her move from New Zealand in January 2015, Leah was employed by OzGrind in a junior reception role. After working closely with the directors, Leah quickly developed the skills and knowledge necessary to begin managing the office and assist with managing the team of tradesmen.

Leah is the heart and soul of OzGrind with her strong leadership skills and total dedication to OzGrind, she has been largely responsible for much of the company growth. She has a dynamic role and sets a standard that is unprecedented.

She has strong relationships with clients, suppliers and builders throughout S.E QLD and she goes above and beyond even bringing some new products to the market to meet their needs and requests.

Katherine & Annabel – Administration Team


Collectively Katherine & Annabel came to OzGrind to fill sales & administration roles, however have both found that their roles have quickly developed with the use of their individual skill sets and interests.

Although Annabel started in a sales role, she has quickly proven to be a sponge when it comes to absorbing knowledge and learning the processes. She has shown a strong willingness to learn and dedication to OzGrind, so in 2019, Annabel will be working closely with the office manager in learning how to assist Brendan & Veronica in the day-to-day running of OzGrind and assistant managing the office & the team of tradesmen.

Katherine joined OzGrind with a strong sales & customer service background and has quickly settled in to a front-of-house sales role in the office. With her bubbly personality and dedication to quality customer service, Katherine will also be taking clients through the OzGrind showroom located in Eagle Farm and assisting them with all of their queries and decision making. Having shown to be a quick learner, Katherine will also be handling accounts receivable & payable.

Tradesmen Team


OzGrind’s team of tradesmen have over 55 combined years of experience in the polished concrete and flooring industry. With this they have been able to develop a wealth of knowledge and skills, assisting them in providing SEQ with high quality finishes.

The team is only made stronger by the willingness and dedication to learning about new products, methods and processes, making them the innovative and dynamic team that OzGrind is becoming so well known for.

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