Bathroom Concrete Polishing

Invest in for Impressive Results When it comes to new homes and remodelling bathrooms, bathroom concrete polishing is becoming a more popular solution in Australia More homeowners are discovering this elegant alternative to traditional hardwood, vinyl, or tile flooring for bathrooms Below, we... ... read more.

Concrete Floor Coating

Protect Your Floor with a Beautiful, Resilient When you stack concrete floor coating side-by-side against other alternatives for flooring materials, there are significant advantages to this newer method of floor protection Many high-end homeowners and business owners are increasingly relying on... ... read more.

Concrete Flooring Gold Coast

Ozgrind Offers a Range of Concrete Flooring on the Gold Coast Ozgrind has been providing concrete flooring on the Gold Coast for almost a decade Concrete flooring has long been known for its strength, durability and low cost When polished, concrete retains all its other benefits while also adding... ... read more.

Concrete Polishing

Use to Give a Better Look to Floors Old and New Concrete polishing is immensely popular today for good reason: concrete floors are durable, long-lasting and easier to care for, and polishing provides a way to create a unique appearance for homes and businesses alike However, when you have an... ... read more.

Concrete Sealing

Protect your Floors with from OzGrind As flooring professionals, OzGrind provides concrete sealing along with our other services You can extend the life of your concrete floors while adding to their beauty by sealing them We offer several different options that allow you to personalise your... ... read more.

Epoxy Floors in Brisbane

Using to Create a Better Working Surface When facing a need to put down flooring that can withstand heavy use (or even abuse) without losing its lustre, using epoxy floors in Brisbane is the smart way to solve your problem Doing so means finding the right resource for help, however, as it is a... ... read more.

Epoxy Floors Gold Coast

Renovate Your Office Space with Durable, Elegant Epoxy Floors in Gold Coast Renovate your space with durable, hard-wearing epoxy floors in Gold Coast Many businesses that already have older concrete floors can bring new life to them with epoxy floors in Gold Coast This effective method of coating... ... read more.

Garage Flooring

Choose the Right Solution with OzGrind Many homeowners and home shoppers don’t spare much thought for garage flooring–at least not at first When their garage floors start to become dirty, they often wish that they had thought a bit more about flooring The average garage floor stains easily... ... read more.

Industrial Polished Concrete

Add Beauty to Your Space with an Floor An industrial polished concrete floor is both practical and beautiful Polished concrete floors are quick and easy to clean while adding character and beauty to your space What Sets OzGrind Apart Regarding Commercial Concrete Flooring We believe our clients... ... read more.

Polished Concrete Brisbane

Create a Durable Warehouse Floor with Polished Concrete in Brisbane Polished concrete in Brisbane is no longer the grey, unsightly flooring of the past Our large showroom allows you to explore our range of colours and finishes, finding the perfect floor for your space What Sets OzGrind Apart... ... read more.

Polished Concrete Sunshine Coast

OzGrind: Your Source for Polished Concrete in the Sunshine Coast Have you been looking for polished concrete in the Sunshine Coast Whether you have a vision for mechanically polished concrete (MPC) floors throughout your home or want to turn your garage into a gym by investing in polished concrete... ... read more.