WHITE CONCRETE – it is certainly becoming a more common and popular request from our clients, and of course we will always oblige!

Concrete has become so versatile since back in the day. With infinite colour choices for the cement base and the stones used inside the concrete mix, clients have the pick of the litter when selecting a concrete mix that suits them and their new project. In the case of this River Links Boulevard house, it was an off-white cement mix from Hanson that was poured, ready for OzGrind to polish and finish.

Although working with white concrete can be one of the toughest types of concrete, our tradesmen were at the top of their game when they arrived onsite to commence these works. The reason white concrete can be more difficult to work with us due to the grouting process. When we grout to fill in the aeration holes and hairline cracks, there is a risk of burning the grout when running over it with the polishing machine which can cause the grout to discolour and appear darker, so our team take extra care and time when polishing white cement, to avoid this happening.

These clients had selected a nil-minimal stone exposure mechanical polish in a high gloss finish for their gorgeous internal spaces and stairs, and a honed concrete process for their external areas. At the back of the property, a stunning honed terrace finished at a nil-minimal stone exposure, and at the front of the property a different concrete mix was used (Diamantina from Holcim) which was honed to a full stone exposure to create some contrast with the beautifully designed & constructed feature fencing.

These clients loved their polished floors so much, they even carried it out into their garage! OzGrind’s operations manager could not help but to take the opportunity for a well-positioned photograph with his race ute on the high gloss polished floors!

If you are looking for polished concrete flooring for your next project, call us now on 1300 OZGRIND!