Levels of Stone Exposure

There are three different levels of exposure to choose from, Nil/Minimum, Minimal/Random, and Full Exposure. Scroll below or click the buttons to find out more!

Nil Exposure


This is a highly desired concrete finishing is hard to achieve.  We generally say that we are only able to offer this finish for newly poured concrete that is poured specifically to stringent specifications so that there are no undulations throughout the floor where aggregate could show through.  We have concreters that we recommend who are experienced at pouring for this finish.  The idea is that we grind off the least amount possible so that there is little to no stone showing through the concrete surface and then we grout the floor to fill in any tiny pin holes and cracks so that you get a more refined and smooth surface, and then polish to your desired level of shine. Click here to see available gloss levels.


Minimum Exposure


This is often referred to in the industry as a salt and pepper look. It’s where we grind the top 1-3mm off the surface, usually going over the entire floor just once. There is often no stone exposure in some areas, while other areas have a little or a lot depending on how the slab was poured. This type of concrete finishing is often used for the industrial look, or for garages, restaurants, outdoor areas etc.  It is also the most cost effective option as it is not as expensive as a full stone exposure or our nil stone exposure.  Why not click here to try out our cost calculator to see how much this finish will cost on your floor?

Full Stone Exposure


This is our most popular concrete finish and it shows you as much stone as possible through your floor.  Provided the concrete has been poured evenly and to the right specifications, you should have as the name suggests, full stone showing through. To achieve this look however, the process is more labour intensive than the minimal as we have to grind over the floor usually 2-3 times to get all the stone showing and therefore it is more expensive (click here to use our cost calculator to estimate your job). As a general rule we grind down 4-6mm depending on the hardness of the slab.  We cannot usually go any lower than this as there can be complications. This full stone exposure is a more decorative look and is often used in homes and showrooms.

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