Nil Stone Exposure Polished Concrete Floors

This finish is for those who prefer the minimal amount of stones visible in concrete flooring. 

Nil Stone Exposure


If you prefer little to no aggregate/stones visible in your concrete floors, a nil stone exposure option may be for you! This very popular, modern finish is the most requested finish but also the most difficult to achieve and is generally only available for newly poured concrete (not renovations using existing concrete). There is no guarantee that there will be zero stones showing as this finish is heavily reliant on how your slab is poured/laid and finished by your concreter. Your concreter will be required to pour a “Class A” completely flat and highly burnished slab with 40MPA strength concrete and ensure your concrete supplier uses fresh clean water instead of recycled water. We have a handy guide available with all the detailed specifications for your builder/concreter to ensure you achieve the best finish possible!

Take a look at some examples below of our other happy clients to see how amazing this finish can look!



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