Epoxy Flake Flooring

Epoxy Flake Flooring for your Garage


Epoxy flake flooring is perfect for your garage floor. Why? Because these types of floors are seamless, durable, tough, chemical and oil resistant and also extremely easy to clean! OzGrind would recommend these in your garage to protect your floors from any oil or chemical spills and staining that is common in a garage area. This flooring option is also perfect for covering up previously stained garage floors or damaged/unsightly or poorly finished concrete.

Our service includes a base coast of a solid colour epoxy in your choice of colour – then we apply the multi-coloured vinyl flakes on the surface of the epoxy whilst it is wet, and then we seal it with 2 coats of a clear polyurethane, polyaspartic or epoxy sealer.

There are different coatings available, and coatings if well maintained could last 7-10 years depending on the level of traffic.

Many epoxy flake colour options are available to select from and there will be many choices to suit the colour scheme of your home. To view the options available please see below for a small selection or click here for the full range – https://australianpaintchips.com.au/

Note – Changing the base colour of the floor will also have an effect on the final outcome.

Flakes come in either large, small, or nano as per the below sizing chart:



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