Feather Finish Concrete Flooring

A feather finish floor is fast becoming popular due to the rustic and individual look that is created.

Feather Finish Concrete Flooring


Feather finish concrete flooring is fast becoming popular due to the rustic, natural and individual look that is created. Basically, it is a cement based compound that we hand trowel down on the floor to give a unique finish. No two feather finish floors are the same because every tradesman applying the floor has a different way of applying the product so different looks are created every time. A feather finish is also a popular choice as a plan B when you want polished concrete flooring and it turns out to not be possible due your slab being damaged, uneven, stained, or just not the colour you want. The best part about this micro-topping is that it is only 3mm thick, so height changes are almost non-existent!

Originally this finish was only available in a brownish colour, however due to popular demand by our customers, OzGrind has managed to work closely with some suppliers to be able to get the raw product in white base, which means we can then use an oxide to tint it to pretty much any colour the client desires.  Mostly we have had requests for white, greys and blacks, as shown in the images below, but pretty much anything is possible.  Currently OzGrind is the only provider of this product in the whites/greys, and can now offer a range of colours available, along with a design and pattern completely unique which can be customised to the individual client, it truly is a finish worth considering.

The feather finish is now being used in many commercial settings like shops, offices, restaurants, cafes and now in residential homes. Enquire with our office staff for more information!



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