Residential Flooring

Not only does residential flooring look fabulous when polished concrete is used, it is hard wearing and relatively easy to maintain and keep clean. Many residential home owners are now looking at polished concrete as a viable, affordable and attractive residential flooring option.

Residential Flooring


With this development, many architects, builders and interior designers are now turning to a polished concrete floor for the wow-factor. Polished concrete has been used in commercial and industrial applications for years, and is only just now booming in the residential setting. Home owners are now demanding a polished concrete floor and the big builders are starting to listen. Polished concrete can be tailored to suit all tastes and budgets. Everything from a minimal exposure matte finish industrial look right through to the fully polished high gloss full stone exposure decorative look – and everything in-between. You can have polished concrete for indoor and outdoor, you can choose between mechanically polished concrete and a grind and seal – you can have polished concrete in your bathroom, on your bench tops, on your walls, around your pool, in your garage and on your driveway – you can even have furniture made from polished concrete.

It doesn’t matter if you have a house that is 80 years old or you are building a new home or renovating. We can do polished concrete on the majority of floors. The advantage of a new build is that you can also select the colour of the cement and the stones that go in it – some examples are below…

If you are considering a polished concrete floor for a new home – it is best to talk to one of OzGrind’s friendly staff early in the process – we can provide information to you about selecting concrete for the best polishing results and tips for your concreter. We are here to assist the whole way through the process.

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