Polished Concrete Brisbane

Create a Durable Warehouse Floor with Polished Concrete in Brisbane

Polished concrete in Brisbane is no longer the grey, unsightly flooring of the past. Our large showroom allows you to explore our range of colours and finishes, finding the perfect floor for your space.

What Sets OzGrind Apart Regarding Concrete Grinding in Brisbane

We are unique for several reasons, including:

  • Our team of qualified tradespeople have the skills and equipment necessary to ensure the grinding is completed safely and adequately. Our dustless grinding system ensures the minimum amount of dust is expelled into the air. This process ensures you and our team don’t inhale concrete dust, and the dust doesn’t contaminate the area.
  • We use heavy-duty equipment for faster turn-around times. We typically use the Husqvarna PG 680 or 820, which works quickly to create a smooth, quality finish. Grinding concrete is challenging, and these machines are designed to handle the hard work.
  • We guide you through the entire concrete floor process, beginning with the grinding and ending with the final finish. Grinding is used to prepare floor surfaces for polishing, staining, or resurfacing, can lower speed humps, remove old stain or carpet glue, or repair rain-damaged concrete. Our team has experience with a wide variety of concrete flooring projects and will share their experience with you to ensure you make informed project decisions.

We understand concrete and have many happy clients in Brisbane, South East QLD, and Northern NSW.

Why Polished Concrete Floors in Brisbane are Cost-Effective

When it comes to flooring for garages, warehouses, offices and homes, concrete is a cost-effective alternative because:

  • You spend less time cleaning your floors. Dust, dirt, and other debris cannot hide on an MPC polished floor. Cleaning is as simple as using a dry microfibre mop to pick up dirt particles. Some concrete floors do require sealing or waxing, but this depends on the finish and traffic volume.
  • A polished concrete floor is durable. The concrete withstands pressure from heavy equipment, making it ideal for garages and warehouses. It resists damage from high heels, furniture, pets, or dropped items. The floor may chip or become scratched, but it takes a lot of effort for these things to occur.
  • It is versatile and aesthetically pleasing. Concrete floors can be finished in several ways, allowing you to customise the flooring to suit your design. You can choose from a range of gloss finishes, from matte to high gloss, and colours. When you decide you no longer want concrete floors, you can easily install any floor surface on top.

About OzGrind

We have been operating in Brisbane for over eight years, serving Brisbane, South East QLD, and Northern NSW. Our services are suitable for all clients, from industrial spaces to architecturally designed homes. Our dedicated office team respond to your questions on the same day and can provide a quote within two to three days.

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