Garage Flooring

Choose the Right Garage Flooring Solution with OzGrind

Many homeowners and home shoppers don’t spare much thought for garage flooring–at least not at first. When their garage floors start to become dirty, they often wish that they had thought a bit more about flooring. The average garage floor stains easily and is very difficult to clean afterwards. By working with OzGrind, you can get a flooring solution that demands much less cleaning, maintenance, and care.

Key Questions to Ask OzGrind about Garage Flooring

Most garage floors are made of concrete. At OzGrind, we can offer you a polished concrete garage floor or a solid-colour epoxy floor. Here are a few questions to ask our team if you are thinking about replacing or upgrading your garage floors with one of these options.

  • What are the problems with standard garage floors? Most garage floors are made of concrete or other porous materials. The result is that these floors absorb and build up dirt, dust, motor oil, and other fluids over time. Removing these stains—especially from spilt fluids—is very difficult.
  • What are the benefits of our garage floors? Polished concrete or epoxy floors don’t absorb stains in the way that standard garage flooring does. As a result, these floors are easier to clean and maintain and generally better at withstanding wear and tear.
  • What if I want a coloured garage floor? Are you trying to strike a specific visual style with your garage floor? If so, count on us for your garage flooring in Gold Coast. Epoxy floors are easy to install in whichever colour you like. We can also dye polished concrete floors.

How Much Do You Really Know about Epoxy or Polished Concrete Garage Floor Solutions?

Before you decide on a residential garage flooring strategy, learn as much as possible about the solutions that we provide. Here are a few key details about epoxy and polished concrete flooring.

  • Epoxy flooring is essentially a paint: Epoxy garage floors are the result of a two-part coating process. The first coat is a primer, which helps with adhesion; the second is a finisher coat, which provides you with a stunning high-gloss, water resistant, stain-resistant, and mildew- resistant floor. We can apply this entire epoxy floor coating on top of an existing concrete floor, almost as if we were ‘painting’ the floor. The difference is that the epoxy coat will look far superior and will adhere for much longer than any standard oil-based paint.
  • Polishing concrete changes the material: Polishing concrete makes it look entirely different. You will notice that a polished concrete surface has a shine and reflectivity that is entirely different from standard concrete. Beyond what you can see, the concrete is transforming: the polishing process seals the surface, making it denser, making it resistant to water, oil, and staining.
  • Investing in alternative garage flooring will save you money over time: The flooring options that we offer involve an upfront investment, but they will save you money over the lifetime of the floor. For example, a polished concrete floor requires very limited upkeep and will very likely never need to be replaced.

Why Trust OzGrind Regarding Garage Flooring?

If you are thinking about upgrading your garage flooring, here are a few reasons to choose OzGrind for the job.

  • Our ability to handle projects of any size: Whether you are undertaking a residential flooring project or seeking a new solution for commercial garage flooring or industrial garage flooring, we can help. No job is too big or too small for us.
  • Our artistry and experience: Our business has been operating for eight years and has built a reputation for excellent work. We employ only the most qualified and skilled tradespeople in the industry.
  • Our showroom: Want to see what our work looks like before you decide? Stop by our showroom. We are the only polished concrete flooring company in Southeast Queensland with both a large showroom and a virtual reality showroom.

About OzGrind

Over the years, OzGrind has worked with clients ranging from car dealerships to homeowners to design the most stunning floors possible. We are highly-rated among our customers, and we proudly service all of Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales from our office and showroom in Eagle Farm. To learn more or request a garage flooring quote, contact us today.