If you are looking for an eco-friendly flooring system in your home, polished concrete is the best option for you!

Choosing mechanically polished concrete means you’re using a low VOC flooring type which is also a small contributor to greenhouse gases. When correctly installed and sealed, mechanically polished concrete can last a lifetime and, when properly maintained, it never needs to be replaced! We’re going to have to say it – A-mazing!

Something that helps not only the environment but also your pocket, is that it can minimise your homes energy use for lighting also. The reflectiveness of natural & artificial lights on the concrete surface brightens up the space, therefore minimising the amount of artificial lights needed on at any given time. And as in the allergen-friendly information above, the thermal mass of concrete floors means that the floors will absorb and store heat during the day and release it at a slow rate throughout the evening, minimising the use of electrical heaters.

Another great thing that makes concrete polishing eco-friendly is because it makes use of materials that are already present on site, instead of requiring additional flooring. Not only does it cut down on resource use AND costs, it also means that that there won’t be any scrap leftover from cutting the flooring to size which normally results in a pile of waste that gets sent to landfill. Totally bloody AMAZING!

Concrete floors can utilize sustainable materials such as limestone, fly ash and silica fume making it an extremely sustainable flooring option.

In 2017, some of OzGrind’s polished concrete flooring was seen on Chanel 7’s Better Homes & Gardens at a specially designed property in Wights Mountain. This home was designed as an eco-home or “green” home where all materials used to build the home were eco friendly and not harmful to the environment – you can find this episode on www.7plus.com.au/better-homes-and-gardens

If you want more information about our Amazing eco-friendly, allergen-friendly polished concrete flooring options, call the office on 1300 OZGRIND and speak to one of our friendly staff members today!