Concrete Floor Coating

Protect Your Floor with a Beautiful, Resilient Concrete Floor Coating

When you stack concrete floor coating side-by-side against other alternatives for flooring materials, there are significant advantages to this newer method of floor protection. Many high-end homeowners and business owners are increasingly relying on concrete surface preparation to create an attractive, durable, and distinctive floor. Continue reading below to learn some key points about using concrete flooring.

What You Should Know about Concrete coating in Brisbane

Although concrete flooring is growing in popularity, many people don’t yet know the essential distinctions between this method and other options for high-quality flooring:

  • Generally, a concrete floor will need maintenance every 10 years or so. There are several options for concrete and sealant that you can choose from, and some are more or less durable than others. For example, the Grind & Seal method reduces the potential for slipping but may need more touching up after standard wear and tear.
  • Concrete flooring with a protective concrete coating can be an environmentally-friendly solution for several key reasons. First, it uses a common material, which reduces the need to spend energy hauling raw materials around the earth. Then, it can take leftover components from manufacturing to reduce waste and still produce an elegant floor. Finally, coating these floors produces fewer greenhouse gases than other forms of flooring such as hardwood, carpet, and tiling due to the materials and ease of installation.
  • Those who deal with asthma will also find that concrete floors are generally better for managing symptoms than other kinds of flooring. Unlike hardwood and carpet, concrete floors do not offer and accessible place for moulds and bacteria, common household allergens, to thrive.

Related Services We Provide to Concrete Surface Prep in Brisbane

There are several kinds of polished concrete flooring that we offer:

  • Mechanically Polished Concrete – these floors have been so thoroughly polished that they become a highly durable surface. The concrete densifying that occurs during the polishing process hardens the floor multiple times, making it much more resistant to damage than standard concrete.
  • Grind and Seal – When you’re looking for an inexpensive, non-slip method to install concrete flooring, consider this option. It is not as reflective, but it is still a durable option for bedrooms and other areas of the home.
  • Honed Concrete – This method is well-suited to outdoor areas such as driveways, footpaths, patios and around pools. It is resistant to the common kinds of damage you’ll find outside and remarkably easy to maintain with minimal cleaning efforts.
  • Feather Finish – If you want a unique, distinctive, and textured appearance, then the feather finish method is an excellent choice. It is also useful in situations where your floor slab has been damaged or unattractive, as this micro-topping is available in multiple colours and fully covers the existing foundation.

Why OzGrind Is Cost-Effective

We focus on providing the best possible concrete floor solutions for our clients. By maintaining this focus, we can consistently develop efficient methods to install these floors so that you’ll get years of benefit from the high-quality technique and materials we use. Concrete flooring is a solution that will serve your home or business for years to come. Contact us to schedule a consultation or visit our showroom to see the possibilities in person.