Late in 2017 OzGrind Polished Concrete was excited to complete a project at the Bronco’s Training Facility in Red Hill. In conjunction with Hutchinson Builders, we were able to assist in providing a slip resistant, ascetically pleasing and durable polished concrete entrance.  The new 21.9-million-dollar project is a state of the facility, fitted with a community education centre, full sized training field, a base for the club’s administration team and couches, a café, training and recovery facilities and a retail store. The centre was named after Clive Berghofer, an Australian politician and philanthropist. Mr Berghofer donated 3 million dollars in hope that the Bronco’s would invest more time and money into Toowoomba’s regional schools. The Broncos have extended their program Beyond the Bronco’s to these areas, the program aims to empower underprivilege and disabled young people.

The process we carried out was a Grind & Seal, grinding down to a fully consistent level of stone exposure, and sealed with CCS Armourthane sealer in a high gloss finish. There are many benefits to using this sealer including its stain resistance, ease of maintenance, durability and it also has a non-yellowing formula, so UV rays are not as much of an enemy to this sealer than they are to most. The Grind & Seal process is a fantastic alternative to the genuine Mechanically Polished Concrete if there is a budget to work with as it provides a similar result visibly, but with a lower price tag!

Our work can be seen throughout the lobby, the front entry stairs, ramp and pathways. We are extremely happy with the overall outcome at the Broncos Training Facility and even more thrilled that we were able to provide a pristine finish for our favourite NRL team!