Bathroom Concrete Polishing

Invest in Bathroom Concrete Polishing for Impressive Results

When it comes to new homes and remodelling bathrooms, bathroom concrete polishing is becoming a more popular solution in Australia. More homeowners are discovering this elegant alternative to traditional hardwood, vinyl, or tile flooring for bathrooms. Below, we explore several key features of concrete flooring and review several questions you should ask before installing this kind of floor in your home.

What You Should Know about Your Polished Concrete Bathroom Floor

Many people still aren’t aware of how and why to install a polished concrete floor:

  • You don’t have to rely on static images alone. In fact, you can visit our impressive showroom in Brisbane to see and touch sample concrete floors yourself. We put virtual reality technology to use so you can see all the colours and finishes in real settings in our VR Showroom. If you can’t make it to Brisbane, you can still get a sense of what these floors would look like thanks to our 360-degree tour and sample video.
  • It’s uniquely easy to care for a polished concrete floor. All you need to do is mop the floor once per week with hot water and a pH-balanced concrete cleaner. This cleaning will effectively remove any stains or build-up, as the special sealant prevents messes from penetrating the concrete itself.
  • Not every contractor knows the correct methods of creating a polished concrete floor. There are many people out there who promise to deliver excellent results but lack the experience to back up their word. Rely on a contractor who has the reviews, recommendations, and showroom to prove that they know how to safely and correctly install a polished concrete floor so that you don’t waste time and money trying to repair a poor job.

Key Questions to Ask OzGrind about a Polished Concrete Bathroom

Before you commit to a polished concrete floor, you should ask us the following questions:

  • Can you repair damage to the polished concrete?
    Yes, and in some cases, we may not even need to grind and re-seal the damaged area.
  • Will my concrete floor be colder than tile in the winter?

No, actually. Concrete retains much more heat than tile does due to its thickness, which means that your feet will feel more comfortable walking barefoot on concrete than tile, even in cold weather.

  • How can polished concrete save money?
    Aside from easier maintenance, polished concrete is much more reflective, meaning you can reduce the amount of electricity you need to use to light your house. Over the years, this can noticeably reduce your power bill.
  • Is polished concrete slippery?
    Standard polished concrete is more slip-resistant than other flooring solutions, even if when wet. However, you can select the Grind and Seal method to reduce slipping even further.

Why Trust OzGrind Regarding Bathroom Floor Polishing

We’ve been operating for eight years, building a track record of success by working with families and businesses in southeast QLD and northern NSW. Our focus has been producing elegant, effective flooring solutions for high-end architecturally-designed homes, so we consistently maintain a high standard of quality. You can also visit our showroom to see for yourself how our work looks in a real setting. Contact us to learn more about our concrete flooring solutions.