If you suffer from allergies or asthma, polished concrete is the best option for you!

Let’s start with the worst culprit – Carpet. Carpet has issues like dust mites, dirt, pollen and other pathogens because there are so many areas on the surface that can harbour these little nasties – even tiles can harbour dust & mould in the grout lines! Exposure to toxic mould in homes has often been to blame for respiratory problems and immune system disorders, and mould thrives on any organic material. Unlike wooden floors, carpets with natural fibres or any other organic materials, concrete floors don’t support the growth of mould! – How amazing is that!

Polished concrete floors are also a fantastic way to minimise allergies caused by dust mites because they are hypoallergenic. Concrete that has been mechanically polished leaves a smooth and impenetrable surface which means that there is nowhere for dirt or dust to get trapped and grow, and therefore keeps your home more allergen-free than ever before.

A common trigger of an asthma attack is a cold environment – it is commonly misconceived by people that concrete flooring is cold, when in fact the thermal mass and associated qualities of the concrete actually absorbs and stores heat during the day and releases it throughout your home in the evenings, meaning not only are your floors warm but so is your home! The best part about the thermal mass absorbing its surrounding temperatures is that it means your home is always kept to a comfortably controlled temperature. Now that is even more amazing!

Interior concrete flooring is very easy to clean with a dry microfiber mop or a simple Ph neutral cleaner and water – meaning no harsh chemicals are needed which can trigger an attack on any asthma sufferer! Mopping & dusting regularly will ensure your floor is always kept allergen-free.