Concrete polishing compared to other flooring options?
So right about now you’re trolling the internet looking for different ideas and alternatives to that old carpet or those ugly tiles, but you don’t want to go with just anything. You want something different that will be a talking feature, add value to your place, make your house more a home or just give some new modern life to an old house.

Well you’re looking in the right place not only does polished concrete look amazing, it’s also so easy to look after and lasts the longest of any other alternative on the market, making it the most economical flooring choice of any other option on the market today!

Some common objections that we hear in the industry include – concrete polishing is cold and industrial looking, I don’t think it would be appropriate for my older house.

To which I always have the same thing to say to these people…

Firstly the objection is completely WRONG! Polished Concrete is not cold in winter…. Concrete is actually better for your energy bills, because it has a high thermal mass, which means (this is as technical as it gets), the concrete absorbs heat during the day and releases it slowly during the night, therefore making it warmer in the winter and the opposite happens in summer, and it keeps your home cool. Tiles, on the other hand, feel cold under your feet because a tile is so thin (small thermal mass) and is a good conductor of heat, so the heat from your body transfers out from your feet into the small thin tile making it feel cold to touch.

Concrete polishing also doesn’t have to be industrial looking…. All concrete has what we call aggregate beneath the surface, which are the stones in the cement mix. Now when you’re contemplating a polished concrete floor there is a huge range of different finishes that your can choose, yes you can have the industrial/matte look or you can have a highly decorative floor showing full stone exposure in a high gloss. It’s entirely your choice. Here, have a look at what I mean – there are so many looks that can be achieved.

Polished concrete can go with everything and because it is natural – it is unlikely to date the way tiles or carpet does.  You can stick to your old rustic style or have a complete turnaround and make everything modern, there is a way that concrete polishing can be finished to suit your style.